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There are many places in Norway that you can go rafting with a professional guide. One of the biggest and most popular rivers in Norway to raft on is the Sjoa River. Feel the rush of a truly wild ride. Visit their website http://en.sjoarafting.noto see some of the best rivers in Norway.
This is one of many places you can visit in our campers.

Hiking in Norway

The Norwegian landscape is perfect for hikers. We have mountains and valleys everywhere that are full of trails that lead you to beautiful deserted places. There, you can connect with nature in a unique way. We will provide you with pinpoints of our favorite places for you to go to including the best places to park the camper for the night.


Cycling in Norway

The cycling sport in Norway is very big and you can find cycling rentals and paths all over. Many travelers rent a bike and take it with them on their trip. Ask us what bikes we have available and we can have it on top of your car ready when you arrive.


There are many places where you can go kayaking with a professional guide on the ocean and in the fjords. There are also some small rentals where you can rent your own kayak and paddle around Norway's beautiful lakes with a fantastic view of the mountains and natural landscapes.


Fishing in Norway

There are many extremely beautiful fishing areas around Norway that we can point out to you. Everything from ocean fishing to river fly fishing, there is so much to explore. We will let you in on the secret fishing spots and we also rent out fishing poles for an excellent price.


There are so many cliffs and mountains in Norway waiting to get climbed. National Geographic has recommended many places around Norway that are "must see" places for climbers of all skill levels. Ask us and we will point you in the right direction.



Diving is very popular in Norway as well. Explore amazing coastal ecosystems, huge wrecks, and amazing wildlife. So much of the world in underwater waiting to be discovered. You can set certified here as well.


Golf is the third most popular sport in Norway and there are 185 courses spread around the country. Golfing in the midnight sun is very unique and popular with the travelers that come to Norway during the long summer days.


Horseback riding

We recommend that you should go horse riding in the fjords or just about anywhere in Norway. They are a unique Nordic breed and beautiful to behold. They are also excellent climbers and you go riding in the fjords where they take you up steep hills it's like nothing you have experienced before.

Blues festival

On the first weekend of August, there is a big blues festival in Notodden, they have had around 30.000 guests each year. Year after year, there have been world famous bands performing and feature both local and international artists.

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