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Tires and safety

Our cars are equipped high performance winter tires to be able to drive in demanding circumstances. These tires give our customers the opportunity to drive across the country and see our beautiful places over the winter period.

Heater for cold nights

We at Nordic Campers chose to use heaters that don’t burn fuel the whole night to keep you warm. Our efficient heaters require that the campers are plugged in to 230 volts on a campsite or a rest place, we choose green energy for our heaters to minimize pollution as much as we can. We recommend using campsites in the winter period for safety and pleasure. You can check out open campsites at www.nafcamp.no.


The Northern Lights

The Northern lights in Norway are one of the most beautiful things you can ever see. Chasing the aurora on your trip, then catching them and experiance the magnificent power that it carries is something that you will never forget.

Dog Sledding

Experience Norway in a unique way when trying out dog sledding. It´s some what like being taken back in time when there weren´t cars to drive us around. The strong huskey dogs take you through the snowy wilderness of Norway.


Campsites Winter Opening

There are campsites all over Norway and many are open all year round. You can book campsite near tourist attractions like Preikestolen, Trolltunga and many more. www.nafcamp.no has information on acessibility and facilities for campsites in Norway.

Sled Racing for Everyone

Korketrekkeren – Toboggan run in Oslo It´s free to ride and you can rent a sled there for the day. The ride is 2000 meter long and with an elevation of 255 meter. You just have to try this out !


Winter Wonderland

Norway in the wintertime is the perfect winter wonderland. You can experience a lot of snow or non at all. Even though it gets cold it is seldom windy so just make some hot cocoa with marshmallows and enjoy being outside in the fresh cold air.

The Winter is Cheaper

Rent your mini camper from only 90 EUR per day in January – April Check availability here


Skiing in beautiful sceneries

If you are a advanced skier or just want to try it out you can find slopes that suit you all over Norway. You can ski downhill or try out cross country skiing which is a great exercise as well as a way to enjoy the nature. You can rent ski equipment at the ski resorts and if preferred book a course to get the basics right.

The weather forecast is important

It is important to check out the weather forecast for where you are heading. www.yr.no is a great website to keep you updated for the adventures ahead. For cold days we recommend checking out the norwegian whool clothes to keep you warm during your trip. It´s the best !


Warm sleepingbags

Bring your own sleeping bag or rent one from us so you can travel lighter from your home. We offer quality sleeping bags designed for norwegian climate.

Reindeers in Norway

On the first weekend of August, there is a big blues festival in Notodden, they have had around 30.000 guests each year. Year after year, there have been world famous bands performing and feature both local and international artists.